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Canine Behaviour modification

At Pawfection we teach you to communicate effectively with your dog on a level that he or she really understands. Forget the endless treats or pointless clickers, this is “grass roots” dog psychology, we look at the whole picture and fix the problem at its source – we deal with the cause, we don’t just mask the symptoms.
Training takes 2 hours and results are normally both instant and permanent but for those who want additional peace of mind this training is also available with a lifetime guarantee or a 12 month guarantee covering any future problems you find you cant deal with. Usual issues are , over excitement, aggression, jumping up, destruction of property, anxiety, pulling on the leash, lack of recall, Barking and much, much more. More Details

Group Training (with agility)

Obedience, control and agility training in a fun friendly environment that both you and your dog will enjoy. The standards our dogs reach exceed all other clubs and are achieved without pressure, nerves or stress. Like our One to One training, we give YOU the skills to reach any goal you set yourself and your dog, Pawfection provides an opportunity to take your dog to levels simply unimaginable in other training clubs… More details

Puppy Training

Puppy training comes in two forms
In-home training – Think of this as the instruction book that didn’t come with your puppy, a comprehensive in home session covering all aspects of puppy and dog ownership, from socialization, food, leadership and correction, through potty training, structured play and development. We teach you how to avoid problems developing whilst still allowing your dog to have a happy “puppyhood”
Group puppy training – Socialisation and play in a group environment. Your hour is split into play sessions, thinking games, obstacles & confidence builders and “nosework”. There is no other puppy training like this, bring your puppy to us and you’ll be ensuring that they are off to the very best start in life. All the family are welcome… More Details

Search and rescue training

For the serious dog handler we offer air scent search training and ground scent “Tracking” training. This is an opportunity for you and your dog to learn skills that are generally unavailable outside of the emergency services. Harnessing primal instincts and ability you will be astonished at what your dog is truly capable of.

Lectures, Talks and staff training

We offer theory presentations and lectures to Schools, Veterinary practices, luncheon clubs, societies or any interested organizations. We regularly speak at Vet surgery puppy parties and offer specialist training for personnel such as Ambulance or fire services, Postal or delivery workers and Police Officers in safety when dealing with aggressive or over protective dogs in premises.

Specialist assistance

We offer a dog control service to court staff, Animal control, social services or other parties acting within the law to secure entry to premises where an aggressive dog presents a problem and danger to staff.

“Let your ears down” sessions (©pawfection dog training)

Free of charge Agility and fun play sessions for Fully qualified working Guide dogs, Hearing dogs and Disability Assistance dogs … this is our way of saying thank you to them for their tireless dedication and hard work for humans.

Narcotics detection / Termite detection courses

Do you want more out of your dog? Does (s)he need a real job? This may be the direction for you. Our Narcotics detection courses train you and your dog to find all current recreational narcotics. Upon certification you can also earn money for carrying out searches through Pawfection Dog Training Narcotics detection services.

Termite detection courses enable you to work in with home inspection officials to detect termites in houses and buildings.

Family personal protection courses

For individuals of good character we are pleased to now offer a very special service. Your safety and that of your family are of course the most important things in the world. Firearms in the home provide an illusion of security for you. The fact is that it is more difficult than you think to shoot another human being, even when you pull the trigger the adrenaline surging through your body causes the majority of rounds to miss and always in the back of your mind are the doubts “Am I justified? Will I end up in Jail for an unlawful death”?

It really is nothing like the movies. Guns in the home present a constant danger to the occupants, a gun can be taken from you and used against you, it can be mistaken for a toy by children with tragic consequences. A gun will not alert you to the presence of intruders outside before entry, a bullet will not divert from its trajectory to chase an assailant around a corner ….

…A family protection dog offers true security, constantly alert to the onset of danger he is your eyes and ears while you sleep or are away from your home. He cannot be used against you, he will not miss his target and he will defend you with his very life. He is your companion, your friend, your loyal servant and your protector.

The Family protection dog course will teach you everything you need to know about the law and your actions, making statements, giving evidence … justifying your use of force in any scenario. It will teach your dog to bark and detain, bite and hold, to leave when told, your control will be absolute, your decision making processes will be as clear as your conscience.

This is not a course to be played at, this is real dog handling with real consequences with instruction from a real Police K9 veteran who knows exactly what it like to deploy a dog against a human being and to justify its use to a court later.

We don’t sell trained protection dogs, you provide your choice of dog (with advice from us where necessary) and we will train it together so you know what to do, how to do it and when.

For more information and an application form please call us on 407 435 2210

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