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It makes me smile (and then sad inside) when I see these other trainers offering “Find it” classes “Nosework” classes, “scent” classes, call it what you will, they are all the same ….. Amateur, poor quality, pointless training classes that do little other than to teach bad habits and poor practice.

Search training, and the ability to truly harness the ability of the dog’s olfactory system is a science and requires a skill set and level of experience that very few trainers actually possess. These amateurs have no business offering these classes, and to charge you to “Instruct” you on a subject which they know nothing about is an insult to you.

You may ask “What is the difference between Pawfection scent training and nose work and other companies offering the same service?”

The answer is 28 years Police experience searching for people, drugs, explosives and dead bodies; Supervision of the largest dedicated bomb dog unit in the world carrying out over 100,000 live searches for bombs a year, qualification as a counter Terrorist search specialist and REAL K9 search experience where failure would mean lives would be lost.

We teach you and your dog to search while others let you pay to play treasure hunt kid’s games.

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The dog’s olfactory system, or ability to smell is their primary sense.

With 220 million scent receptors in their nose compared with only 5 million in ours they are able to locate and identify prey during hunting through ground scent tracking and air scent scanning.


Harnessing the dog’s natural ability we are able to train them to detect programmed scents to assist in the discovery of explosives, narcotics, humans, termites, truffles, in fact anything we like using an association and reward system of training.

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Darryl Payne with bomb detection dog “Perseus Thomas”

The need to “work” in many breeds designed to have a “job” leads to boredom and destructive or general misbehavior when their energy has no channel or outlet. Providing this mental and nasal stimulation significantly reduces unwanted pet behavior in the home.

20 minutes of nasal work is equal to 2 HOURS WALKING in terms of energy expenditure so this activity is perfect for those 100 degree days when it is too hot to walk too far or for too long or if you are time poor one day and need to channel some of that energy!

See the video of Sophie searching for fun

There are dog training schools who offer scent courses here in Central Florida but upon examination the majority have very little knowledge of the science behind the discipline and absolutely no experience of handling a search dog in a professional capacity. Searching with a dog is not just a fun game, it is a science and has to be set up and performed correctly. The ability to read your dog and discover the otherwise “undiscoverable”, the chance to work in partnership with them in their world is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have.

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Pawfection Dog Training’s Owner, Darryl Payne is uniquely qualified to teach you and your dog to search. His experience is unmatched in Central Florida having been both an operational k9 handler and supervisor of Patrol, Narcotics detection, explosives detection, Cadaver, and SWAT support dogs in London.

Darryl’s k9 bomb detection unit was the largest dedicated unit of its kind in the world carrying out over 100,000 live searches in London a year and Darryl was responsible for the efficiency, welfare, deployment and training needs of the dog teams as well as performing the role of an operational explo k9 handler. With the safety of the British Royal family, visiting heads of state and the general public at stake the bomb detection dogs had to be operating at 110% with no room for error.

Darryl now brings this expertise, professionalism and skill to you in the Pawfection Dog Training Air scent search training courses.

Picture1 basic 002 COCKPITSEARCH

Classrooms, a Gymnasium and a church are just 3 of the locations that will provide many challenges

for even the most talented and accomplished dogs!

Beginners courses focus on teaching the basics of search and searching for a favorite toy

Intermediate courses build upon skills learned in the beginners phase, the searches increase in difficulty and build upon the handler’s system of search

Advanced courses introduce a chosen specific scent and bring searching by both dog and handler to a professional standard.

It’s cute that other trainers teach a basic ability to search for treats and Lavender scent ….. At Pawfection you will be looking for

Firearms and component parts

Sea Turtles (Nowhere else in the country will teach you this skill)


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Search courses are open to any dog who fulfills the following criteria

  1. Not human or dog aggressive
  2. High toy drive (Ideally a ball)
  3. In good health

Courses are held on TUESDAY evenings  6.30pm-7.30pm

Courses are $150 per 4 weeks

Duration to qualification and accreditation depends on individual dog teams.




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