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Why are we different? Why should you choose us?

It is a fair question and with so many options for dog trainers these days we thought it only fair to explain how we are different to other trainers.

First and foremost we are the only training company with the experience and expertise to fix 99.9% of problems in super quick time WITHOUT PAIN OR SUFFERING (obviously this isn’t a magic wand and you have some homework but NOBODY can do what we do – This is the culmination of 28 years personal professional dog handling and training over 30,000 dogs and correction is based on distraction tailored specifically to your dog.


The majority of other trainers will tell you that you need 5, 10, 20 sessions, others that you need to board your dog with them – these trainers are either too inexperienced to fix a problem quickly or efficiently or they are deliberately milking you for a lot of money. If you need reassurance that we can do what we do please see our Angies list reviews, ask the question directly on our facebook group (Pawfection Dog Training USA members page) or click on the link below to hear a call into the Real radio 104.1 Philips Phile broadcast on May 3rd 2016.


What to look for in a trainer?

Searching for a trainer?

Remember that all trainers are not created equal and following some simple advice can help save you from an expensive mistake and your dog from harm.

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