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Dog Training

First and foremost we are the only training company with the experience and expertise to fix 99.9% of problems in super quick time WITHOUT PAIN OR SUFFERING (obviously this isn’t a magic wand and you have some homework but NOBODY can do what we do – This is the culmination of 28 years personal professional dog handling and training over 30,000 dogs and correction is based on distraction tailored specifically to your dog.

Why Choose Us?


Who We Are

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About Me

Unlike most dog training companies out there, we are properly qualified, highly experienced and have a variety of methods all of which work on a NO PAIN, NO PUNISHMENT, NON PHYSICAL distraction based correction and appropriately timed praise and reward.

We pick the right method to suit your dog (not “one method” you get from a sub standard franchise or a manufactured TV “trainer”) and it not all about treats and bribes.


Canine Behaviour Modification

At Pawfection we teach you to communicate effectively with your dog on a level that he or she really understands.

Our Services


Group Training (with agility)

Obedience, control and agility training in a fun friendly environment that both you and your dog will enjoy.

Three Big Puppies

Puppy Training

There is no other puppy training like this, bring your puppy to us & you’ll be ensuring that they are off to the very best start in life.

Walking with Dogs

Search Training

For the serious dog handler we offer air scent search training and ground scent “Tracking” training.

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Searching For a Trainer?

Remember that all trainers are not created equal and following some simple advice can help save you from an expensive mistake and your dog from harm.

What to look for in a trainer?

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