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Puppy & Group Training

We are back at Central Winds Park, Winter Springs for group and puppy training!

Hicks Avenue, Winter Springs 32708

Puppies (under 6 months) are at 1.00pm

Puppies (6 months to 8 months) are at 12.30pm

Newcomers welcome to start any week!

Remember we do both in home training for puppies to fix biting jumping chewing etc and group training for socialization and confidence! (see below)

Puppy Training comprises the following;

  • Socialization and fun in a relaxed, spacious and safe training facility

  • Mini problem solving activities to develop your puppy’s mind

  • Early search and tracking skills for later development channeling excessive energy in a positive, natural way

  • Basic leash control without pressure or stress

  • Obstacle negotiation and mini agility

  • Short structured play exercises

  • Child socialization

  • Owner education

Puppy Training comes in 2 forms;

  • In Home training: $399

Think of this as the “Instruction book” that didn’t come with your new puppy. This covers, leadership, entertainment (how to keep your puppy busy without you being a 24 hour “entertainment slave” to them), correction of unwanted behavior (non physical, non painful and nothing that is going to make you the “bad guy” and destroy the bond you are creating, Food and feeding (what to feed, what to avoid and how to avoid the life threatening condition “Bloat” – remember we are not affiliated to any dog food companies and are not there to sell you food), How to socialize your puppy with its new world and how to integrate it into the family,Potty training, dealing with chewing and destruction – In short how to get the perfect (or “Pawfect” family dog all done in the comfort of your own home!)

  • Group Training: $135

The group recall after freeplay!

This is at Winter Springs on Saturdays and comprises Socialization (free play with other pups of similar ages), Learning to come when called and name recognition, Confidence building (Obstacles), problem solving to develop the mind and independence and environmental socialization (see below)

You can do either or both of the above but they are separate entities that work well together (Like a hand and glove). Group training wont cure jumping, hand biting, chewing, barking etc (all the behavioral issues) equally in home training wont address socialization, coming when called, outdoor confidence building and obedience foundation.

If you aren’t sure what is best or have more questions please call Pennie on 407 456 1066 and she’ll be happy to help.

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