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Therapy Dogs

We can fix any problems your dog has and Specialize in Severe aggression problems that nobody else can fix for you.

Behaviour modification is the name given to the process of turning bad dogs into good dogs. Now in reality we know that there is no such thing as a “bad dog” and that unfortunately many of our dogs’ issues are caused by us humans, either through the deliberate abuse by former owners or by new, caring owners doing the wrong thing with the very best of intentions while trying their best to give a rescue dog a second chance .

New owners also suffer confusion when trying to keep a puppy on the right tracks misguided and confused by the huge number of books all of which seem to be full of differing “expert” advice.

Behavioral issues stem from either inherited or learned responses or; more frequently, from misunderstanding and miscommunication between our species.

In the wild dogs naturally form a rank structure and pecking order according to their dominance in the pack. With our pet dogs problems occur when our pet perceives itself to be ranked higher than its human pack mates. Pawfection teaches owners non physical techniques to regain control and to restore the balance of the pack. The methods utilize voice tone, body language, and accurate timing of correction and praise to achieve very fast yet permanent results.

Common issues resolved are, jumping up, excessive barking, dog aggression, people aggression, food stealing, destruction, separation anxiety;  rambunctiousness, digging, recall, escaping, toilet training, anxiety, the list goes on ……. You may recognize some (or many) of the above behaviours in your own dog, if you do give us a call and we’ll help to restore the balance and peace in your lives by making your dog a pleasure to have around and not a nuisance.

We teach you to communicate effectively with your dog on a level that he or she really understands. Forget the endless treats or pointless clickers, this is “grass roots” dog psychology, we look at the whole picture and fix the problem at its source – we deal with the cause, we don’t just mask the symptoms.

It is important to reiterate that whilst timely correction is important, so is the praise and reassurance. We teach you NEVER to be physical to your dog, we want them to love and respect you, not fear you …  there is no positive learning through physical punishment.

You set the rules for your house taking into account your dog’s basic needs and bearing in mind your legal obligations under the animal welfare legislation and together we teach your dog how to respect and adhere to those rules so they can relax and be a dog knowing you have a good grasp of the helm and are steering a true course towards your future happiness together.

Life has enough complications, your dog doesn’t have to be one of them!

Remember unlike other trainers who either lack the experience to quickly resolve your dog’s problems or who are simply milking you for money we only need one 2 hour session to fix the issues! (Obviously there is some homework afterwards to make the changes permanent but you have all the skills needed so you don’t need me! – Paying trainers to come out weekly is like paying your Dentist to come out daily and brush your teeth!!)

If you doubt the 2 hour claim, have a listen to the call into the 104.1 Real radio Philips phile broadcast on May 3rd 2016 below (or join our facebook page at pawfection Dog Training USA members page and ask any of the members who have had the training!!) We believe that training should be affordable for all so families keep and enjoy their dogs and dogs get to keep their homes.

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