Our Pricing

Compare the prices below (for one of the world’s most experienced trainers)

with other trainers who will need 10 sessions with you to achieve a fraction of

what we can in just one (see our Angie’s list reviews). We are at least half the price

of those others offering similar services and yet we have 1000 times more experience!

Darryl has personally trained over 30,000 dogs!


Please remember that in 99.9% of cases (and we’ve trained over 30,000 dogs

personally now)



so the price you see below is the price to fix your dog!

Start the new school year with a “New” dog! Just 2 hours will change your life!
Please note that it has unfortunately become necessary for us to require a

non refundable $50 deposit due at the time of booking.

This will be deducted from your training fee upon completion of training.


In the event of a postponement with more than 24 hours notice the

deposit may be transferred once to a new date.

Cancellation or postponement with less than 24 hours will result in

forfeiture of the deposit.

** 2019 Back to school special price ONLY $349 ! ** $50 saving

dog back to school notice 3

Compare that with the other dog trainers who are at least twice the price

with nowhere near the experience or expertise!

Prices are for appointments starting before 4pm –

(Evening appointments starting after 4pm – add $100)

Additional travel

Under 20 miles from 32746 (Lake Mary) -No extra charge

Over 20 miles from 32746 (Lake Mary) add $50

Over 35 miles from 32746 (Lake Mary) add $75

Over 50 miles from 32746 (Lake Mary) call for price

Tampa, Melbourne Price is $599 inclusive of the additional mileage


More than 3 dogs will need extended time so please add

$150.00 to your location price



Revisits (if required) are charged at $199

and usually take up to 1 hour.


Pawfection Dog Training –

Committed to driving prices down and standards up!




1 x initial session in home – think of this as the “Puppy instruction book” that didn’t

come with your puppy!, training all the humans, stopping those unwanted puppy behaviors,

strategies for dealing with those “Potty training issues” and preventing future bad behavior

developing – in fact everything you need to know!

Puppies under 5 months also receive;

1x Free puppy group training session at Central Winds Park Dog training ground,

Winter Springs


Although we are the busiest dog training company in Central Florida and appointments are

extremely sought after we will accommodate you within 2 weeks, often within 10 days and

sometimes the same week, so don’t panic – help is at hand! As such and to avoid wasting

valuable appointments a reminder will be sent out the weekend before the week of your

appointment asking for a confirmation and address check. If the confirmation is not received

unfortunately the appointment will be cancelled with the loss of the deposit.

Prices shown reflect the rate for payment by cash or check

Card payments are also accepted but do attract a bank generated convenience charge of 3.5%


In the event of a postponement with more than 24 hours notice the deposit may be transferred

to a new date.


 Therapy Dog course (Monthly – 6 month course) $150 per month

Group dog training (6 Weeks)  $135 ($10 discount for Winter Springs residents)

Group puppy training (6 weeks) $135 ($10 discount for Winter Springs residents

Air scent searching  (4 weekly ) $150 (Dogs must be “toy crazy”)

Pawfection was the fastest growing dog training club in the UK, our commitment to provide the best quality training in a fun friendly family atmosphere set us poles apart form other training clubs and we quickly became the largest dog training club in England. we have now been firmly established here in Florida for 10 years and we are now the most highly rated and busiest dog training company in Central Florida. We are proud to have set the bar so high in respect of quality of training and value for money that other training facilities are now being forced to raise their own standards to try to compete but many still fall short because they cannot match our experience, knowledge and enthusiasm. We want you to enjoy your training, make friends and excel with your dog, we don’t shout at you, nag you or berate you, nobody is excluded and no dog free of medical issues is un-trainable. You will laugh with us and become part of the pawfection family and we will consider ourselves privileged to become a part of your lives too.


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