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Pawfection dog Training

Become a dog trainer AND a successful business owner!


Have you ever wanted to be a dog trainer? Wanted to work with dogs? Wanted to help families to enjoy their pets? Work your own hours? Own your own company? Well now you can!


After almost 20 years in business on 2 continents we have finally franchised to offer an incredible business opportunity to suitable candidates.

  • Pawfection Dog Training was born as an amalgamation of pet and Police dog training in 2005 in response to a need for good quality, reasonably priced dog training that literally trained “both ends of the leash”.Recognizing that the majority of misbehavior by pet dogs was linked to boredom, lack of leadership and poor socialization a program was devised to deal with all of these issues on two fronts. Firstly the in home behavior modification training provided essential information on leadership within the pack structure and pioneered a method of correction that was not physical, injurious or harmful, did not diminish the bond between owner and dog but was nevertheless both simple and extremely effective. The in home session also saw the introduction of alternative methods to exercise the dog both mentally and nasally using training methods used in the training and operational deployment of Police search dogs. In the guise of fun search games these exercises used up far more energy than a traditional dog walk and diminished misbehavior born of boredom. Secondly our experience showed that while obedience and control both on and off leash was important, extended time spent in this activity would make a dog go “flat”, equally as stimulating and exciting as dogs found agility, too much time spent doing this would over excite the dog and negatively impact control and behavior. Pawfection were the first to introduce obedience combined with agility, allowing the dog short bursts of excitement followed by the restoration of control, followed by excitement harnessed within control.Starting with 12 dogs in obedience and agility class and 2 in home appointments a week Pawfection, having arrived in the USA in 2010 has now risen to 250 dogs in obedience classes and 30 in home sessions a week. As Pawfection grew “in home training” fueled the group training which in turn created a demand for therapy and service dog training and then search training and so a multi faceted business model formed with each facet feeding the others. Pawfection has now become a household name for quality, honesty and charity enjoying celebrity status through our work on TV and Radio and most notably in recognition in local communities

  • Pawfection dog training is a multi faceted business designed to withstand changes in economic climate. It was born in a recession and thrived through a pandemic. Should any facet of the business ever fall victim to an economic downturn it would be propped up and supported by the other sides. Pawfection dog training is unique in its flexibility, bespoke approach and its speed of success with the customer. Pawfection dog training’s model of “training both ends of the leash” places the dog owner in the driving seat and gives them life skills that can be applied to any dog they get in the future.

  • The astonishing results seen by the customer produce a “Wow factor” that leads to personal referrals, veterinary referrals and quickly builds a reputation for quality, dependability and an honesty too often missing in this industry. Unlike the competitors Pawfection is not restricted to a “one method fits all” approach; With a “toolbox” full of various non physical, no harm methods and options Pawfection trainers are able to utilize the skill and experience born of over 30 years professional dog handling and training to apply the correct approach for any dog in question. Methods used by Pawfection enhance the relationship between dog and owner unlike many other companies that rely on fear and intimidation and the sole use of shock collars that crush a dog’s spirit and personality. Pawfection dog training is the only dog training company with access to training and advice from a trainer who has handled, trained and supervised Police Patrol dogs, narcotics detection dogs, bomb detection dogs on both sides of the Atlantic, has been solely responsible for the safety and security of the British Royal family, has personally trained over 30,000 pet dogs in Europe and North America and has lectured internationally on Tactical use of Canines and dog behavior.

  • Training is provided to Franchisees by the only dog trainer who has held a regular live phone in advice segment on a Nationally available mainstream radion station for over 7 years and is regularly consulted by Fox TV and CBS. The platform that this national radio presence as far as reputation, brand recognition and marketing provides cannot be overestimated with inquiries coming in from all over the USA. No other dog training company can compete with what Pawfection has to offer. Priced to ensure accessibility by all incomes, not just the wealthy the volume of appointments leads to social media chat that creates less “ripples in the pond” but more of a Tsunami in the ocean. Fairly priced training by Pawfection ensures that more dogs get to stay in homes and families enjoy the experience of dog ownership. Pawfection underpins all training with a lifetime guarantee to provide peace of mind for clients. The fact that this is provided at no additional cost further demonstrates the confidence the trainer has in their ability and effectiveness of the training method. Pawfection dog training has pioneered the only training methods that combine grass roots behavior modification for pets with methods used to train Police dogs.

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  • While utilizing and enhancing dogs natural physical, mental and nasal abilities owners are able to provide stimulation that uses up the energy that if left unsatisfied leads to boredom and misbehavior. Pawfection has over twenty years developed a system of training that provides everything that a dog and owner need for a harmonious existence. Encompassing both theory supported by a powerpoint, two decades in the development, and practical application of the knowledge provided Pawfection’s methods are delivered in just one 2-hour session and show the multi session approach favored by other trainers up for what they are, “milking customers for money”. Pawfection dog training maintains a high profile in the community through the free visits of its therapy dog teams, trained to a higher standard than any other team in the country these teams fly the flag of the brand further cementing Pawfection dog training as a household name. When it comes to experience, effectiveness and quality of training all other dog training companies are tumbling in Pawfection’s jetstream.

If you would like to join this amazing family please call us on 407 456 1066 and we will change your life !!

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407 456 1066
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