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Pawfection dog Training

Why are we different?

Why should you choose us?

It is a fair question and with so many options for dog trainers these days we thought it only fair to explain how we are different to other trainers.

First and foremost we are the only training company with the experience and expertise to fix 99.9% of problems in super quick time WITHOUT PAIN OR SUFFERING (obviously this isn’t a magic wand and you have some homework but NOBODY can do what we do – This is the culmination of 28 years personal professional dog handling and training over 30,000 dogs and correction is based on distraction tailored specifically to your dog.

The majority of other trainers will tell you that you need 5, 10, 20 sessions, others that you need to board your dog with them – these trainers are either too inexperienced to fix a problem quickly or efficiently or they are deliberately milking you for a lot of money. If you need reassurance that we can do what we do please see our Angies list reviews, ask the question directly on our facebook group (Pawfection Dog Training USA members page) or click on the link below to hear a call into the Real radio 104.1 Philips Phile broadcast on May 3rd 2016

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So, what other ways are we DIFFERENT? …..


We are different because;

We are trusted, used and regularly featured on and by the

following TV and Radio shows and media outlets.

 I Heart Radio’s Real Radio 104.1

The Jim Colbert Show

The Philips Phile,

Monsters in the morning,

The News Junkie

96.9 The Game

Fox 35


Channel 9

Channel 6

Wesh 2

Magic 105.1

21st Century Fox

The Daily Buzz


Florida Home & Garden show


We are properly qualified and certificated.

When you choose us you are choosing a trainer with real qualifications in Police dog handling and pet dog behavior modification from the most prestigious Police dog training school in the world. Too many “trainers” receive their qualifications on line or with “schools” who themselves are self taught!

We have REAL experience

When you choose us you are choosing a trainer with over 28 years experience. Your trainer has handled Police dogs in some of the most challenging and dangerous situations imaginable. When searching for real armed suspects or bombs a handler must trust both his dog and his own ability to handle and read that dog because that skill is the only thing between survival or total failure.

When you choose us you are choosing a trainer who has personally trained over 30,000 dogs – ask any others if they can match and prove that number!

We don’t need multiple sessions to fix a problem

We fix your problem often in one session – Ask other trainers why they think you need multiple sessions, they are just “milking” your bank account. Having had your Dentist deep clean your teeth would you then expect to pay him to come around to your house everyday to brush them when you can do that yourself?

We don’t need to come over and “assess” your dog

We have the experience to know what the problem with your dog is from speaking to you on the phone. Other trainers will offer you a free assessment – this is a way of getting into your home and hard selling you on packages of training you don’t need (it is harder for you to refuse them face to face). When we come over we just fix the problem for you.

We pick up the pieces for you when other trainers fail

It would shock you to know how many people contact us having been let down or ripped off by another trainer, trainers who have promised the earth and delivered nothing or made the problem worse. Trainers who have recommended euthanasia (because THEY couldn’t fix the problem). Trainers who offer “lifetime guarantees” that you never benefit from because they don’t get back to you or you give up on their repeated failed attempts.

We are a real LLC

Before you book anyone, check for the status of their company – you’d be shocked to find out how many don’t even register or renew their company as the law requires

We are honest and reliable

We don’t advertise, we don’t have to – all of our bookings are either Veterinarian recommended or personal recommendation from people’s friends, family or even complete strangers who have been delighted and amazed by our service and results.

We have more positive reviews than ANY other trainer

No trainer can match the quantity of excellent reviews that we have on line and that’s because we do a great job for you with minimum fuss and drama. Of course any company who deal with a large number of clients will tell you that you can’t please everyone all the time and at some point someone will put on a bad review. We try our very hardest to please everybody but we do have to occasionally say no to someone or tell them that their requests or demands are not in the best interests of their dog. These people tend to go “bad review crazy” in an attempt to hurt the company as much as possible. Its a great shame when that happens as these same people were happy as anything when they were getting what they wanted when they wanted it but you can usually spot the disgruntled few who were determined to just lash out. 86 A reviews Vs 6 bad reviews does tend to tell a story especially when happy people usually don’t post reviews. Its worth noting that Yelp also put bad reviews to the top (until you pay to advertise with them….)

We leave you with peace of mind

When we leave your home having fixed your problems, we leave you with a receipt with a direct number to the trainer for support and supplementary advice, but that’s not all. We leave you with our name, a kite mark of quality that actually means something. You have had a trainer who is qualified to give expert evidence in a court of law on dog behavior issues (ask others if they have the same) You have had a trainer whose experienced with dogs is unmatched, a trainer that truly cares. Our name is the most important thing to us and your happiness and satisfaction will affect our name directly. There is a reason why we are the most popular and the busiest training company, will you have to wait a little while for an appointment? Yes, Are we worth the wait? ABSOLUTELY! And the best thing, we keep our prices affordable for you so that your dog gets to stay and be a great member of the family!

We are insured

Ask to see insurance certificates, insurance is not just protection for the trainer – it is for YOU as well!

We are Police checked

We have a Police certificate stating that we have no prior arrests, convictions or cautions. Coming from 30 years Policing, I guess it’s no surprise that we have never been in trouble with the Police! But, think about it for a moment …. Who are you letting into your home? Do you REALLY know who you are allowing in while you or your spouse are there alone with them? Are they asking for your routine to get your puppy potty trained or help with your dog’s separation anxiety or do they want to know when you are out for some other reason? Are they secretly checking out the security measures you have? Your front door is the last defense barrier you have – be careful who you let through it.

We are not a “one method fits all” company

Too many trainers have just one method to train your dog, the problem with this is that all dogs are different and a “toolbox” of different methods is needed so that the right method can be used in the right way with the right dog. This is where experience comes in and why many trainers are so limited in their ability to meet the needs of your particular dog. Forcing a method on the wrong dog is like hammering a square peg into a round hole.

Experience is the most important element when it comes to trainers (Although that experience must be supported by REAL qualifications) and we have an abundance of both! When you are looking at experience beware of the wording on websites – there are trainers who will boast “20 years experience working with animals” Horses, Sea lions, Cats etc are not dogs – they don’t think or act the same way so experience with them really doesn’t count. Ask your trainer what REAL experience and qualifications they have (and having owned a dog all their life really counts for nothing – I have owned a car for 40 years, that doesn’t make me a mechanic). This goes for other pet industry “professionals” as well, you are trusting your family member with these people, make sure they have qualifications and knowledge to back up any experience. Just because someone has come out of High school with a High school diploma and been a dog walker or sitter for several years doesn’t mean they are necessarily good at what they do. A walker from an App based platform recently killed a dog that used to train with us through negligence and ignorance allowing it to overheat.

We have the ability to offer both in home behavior modification AND group obedience training with agility

Behavior modification and obedience are two very different things.

In home behavior modification deals with the grass roots leadership and boredom issues that lead to most misbehavior problems. Obedience deals with leash work and control, sit stay down etc.

Obedience training WILL NOT fix in home behavioral problems.

For issues such as aggression or over excitement towards other dogs or people etc we have the ability to correct the problem in home and then expose the dog to the specific triggers in the group setting. We would never put any person or dog in a group setting in danger (which is why we fix the problem in home first) but the group training at $135 per 6 weeks is a lot less expensive that the $85-$100 per session that many trainers will charge you to walk pointlessly around your own neighborhood!

We train ALL the dogs in your home for the one price

Many trainers will charge you PER DOG – we don’t do that. We believe that if you don’t train the whole pack you are not dealing with the whole problem. If you have multiple dogs their behavior is affected by each other and if you only train one the influence of the others who remain untrained will soon reverse the effects of the training you have installed and paid for. We believe that charging you per dog is professionally and morally wrong. We charge the same for 3 dogs as we do for 1 (There is an upcharge for more than 3 dogs purely because it takes additional time)

Are there other good trainers out there? Yes, of course there are … but not many of them who have the whole package of REAL qualifications, experience, ethics, insurance, Police checks, honesty, ability, and an abundance of positive reviews so be careful who you choose.

Why we are different?  …. because we have the WHOLE package and we constantly raise the bar for others to try to meet.

If you are shopping for a trainer be sure to check out our choosing a trainer check list page –

Protect yourself and protect your dog!

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