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Pawfection dog Training

Puppy Training

For update information on the location of the Saturday group puppy training class

Please click on the link below for locations and times

Newcomers welcome to start any week!


Remember we do both in home training for puppies to fix biting jumping chewing etc and group training for socialization and confidence! (see below)


Puppy Training comes in 2 forms;

In Home training: $599

includes; initial in-home training to get you on track and fix those puppy problems and concerns, Group session to build confidence, socialization with other puppies during a free play session and build the foundations for obedience, a further in-home session at either 8 or 10 months when your dog reaches that "teenage stage" - includes leash walking and heelwork.

A week at our puppy group training and a FREE LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

(puppies must be under 8 months and not dog or human reactive at the time of attending)

At Pawfection we don't work like other dog trainers - 

We don't milk you for money with week after week charges that soon mount up into a fortune. For one low price we give you ALL the support you need for the lifetime of your puppy! - We fix things fast without pain and punishment and then you have us on speed dial with immediate help when you need it, if you need it and with a growing puppy its great to have an expert at the end of the phone or on your doorstep for no extra cash! 

Think of the in-home puppy training as the “Instruction book” that didn’t come with your new puppy. This covers, leadership, entertainment (how to keep your puppy busy without you being a 24 hour “entertainment slave” to them), correction of unwanted behavior (non physical, non painful and nothing that is going to make you the “bad guy” and destroy the bond you are creating, Food and feeding (what to feed, what to avoid and how to avoid the life threatening condition “Bloat” – remember we are not affiliated to any dog food companies and are not there to sell you food), How to socialize your puppy with its new world and how to integrate it into the family,Potty training, dealing with chewing and destruction – In short how to get the perfect (or “Pawfect” family dog all done in the comfort of your own home!)

See Pricing page for cost (and compare to other trainers who with way less experience and qualification charge way more!)

These are skills that you will have for life and you’ll never need a dog trainer again!

Group Training: $160 for 6 weeks (See group training page for times) 1 week free with the in home puppy training package.


Group training on Saturdays comprises Socialization (free play with other pups of similar ages), Learning to come when called and name recognition, Confidence building (Obstacles), problem solving to develop the mind and independence and environmental socialization (see below)

You can do either or both of the above but they are separate entities that work well together (Like a hand and glove). Group training wont cure jumping, hand biting, chewing, barking etc (all the behavioral issues) equally in home training wont address socialization, coming when called, outdoor confidence building and obedience foundation.

If you aren’t sure what is best or have more questions please call Pennie on 407 456 1066 and she’ll be happy to help.

“Pawfect pups” Group Puppy training

Properly trained …. Man can be a dog’s best friend!

New Enrollment every week …no need to wait. see the group training page for times and locations.

Pawfection’s “Pawfect Pups” program has been born to provide the correct guidance for you and your new furry heartbeat at the time when it is most important in their little lives.
At last an end to  the “puppy free for all” loosely overseen by an inexperienced trainer/volunteer, pet store trainer with a “one size training fits all” and “what else can we sell you” attitude, or an ego maniac seeking to push your puppy beyond its developmental ability.

Pawfection puppy training is a carefully structured and educational bundle tailored to your dog’s individual requirements by the most approachable and friendly instructor you will ever find. We recognize the need for your new addition to have a happy “puppy-hood” whilst also learning good manners along the way.

Everything you do at this early stage will echo through your dog’s life and the problems we see in older dogs have unfortunately been of our own early creation , usually with the best of intentions. As always we educate you as well as your dog and by training both ends of the leash you will flourish as a partnership and your dog will grow to be a companion not a burden.

Play forms a large part of the early training as it through play that puppies learn, develop their personalities and grow mentally and emotionally but it is not ALL about play … with an emphasis on fun and activity we encourage your puppy to think and solve problems for themselves, we want them to be inquisitive, to focus on and trust you, and for their little minds and experience to grow at the same rate as their podgy little bodies.

Puppy students will be introduced to children and unusual sounds and objects as part of their environmental socialization and development so that they are better equipped to explore their new world with wonder and excitement and not shrink from new experiences through fear.

It’s not all about your puppy though, at Pawfection’s “Pawfect pups” we want your own knowledge and skill to grow as well, so training will include training for you in puppy care, nutrition, canine psychology, toilet training, anatomy, physiology and much more all helping you to better understand and care for your dog at home.

Puppy Training comprises the following;

  • Socialization and fun in a relaxed, spacious and safe training facility

  • Mini problem solving activities to develop your puppy’s mind

  • Early search and tracking skills for later development channeling excessive energy in a positive, natural way

  • Basic leash control without pressure or stress

  • Obstacle negotiation and mini agility

  • Short structured play exercises

  • Child socialization

  • Owner education

All for only $160.00 for 6 weeks

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