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Pawfection dog Training

Therapy dog training

Pawfection therapy dog training REALLY trains your dog. We do what other companies SHOULD do but don’t and there is nobody doing what we do!

Many trainers offering Therapy dog training have absolutely NO QIALIFICATIONS and very little if any experience and most companies if not all charge way more than us;

For a price comparison "Bark & Woof Uptown dog" program charges $200 a Month! That's with no set end date and no facilities set for you to visit afterwards. More importantly they give you NO INSURANCE when you finsh!) At Pawfection we give you 5 million dollars insurance and over 50 locations to visit (plus we only charge $150 a month with a set graduation month 7 months from the start - Oh and compare our qualifications, experience and reputation with ANY other trainer or training company ...


Forget 20 minute assessments by organizations claiming to be regulatory bodies, but aren’t, who don’t even train the dogs but charge an “assessment” fee! Or companies that will “observe you” for 3 outings and then pass you on to other equally unqualified groups for “evaluation” before releasing your dangerously under trained dog into the community to meet some of society’s most vulnerable people!

We care about safety, we care about professionalism, proper training and meaningful evaluation. We care that when you see a Pawfection therapy patch on a dog you know that the team has had 6 months of training and has achieved the highest standards unmatched by anyone anywhere in the USA.

We care about our vulnerable end users, we care about your dog and of course we care about you!

Don’t waste our time and money with anyone else – with Pawfection you can achieve perfection!


*** NEW COURSE STARTS June 2024*** Call 407 456 1066 to enroll


Please call 407 456 1066 for details or to register.

Requirement to enrol

Dog should be 7 months or older

Not people or aggressively reactive to other dogs

Basic level of obedience (sit, stand, down, walk to heel

without excessive pulling, no jumping up – these can be

achieved in the group obedience Saturday class if necessary)

Course comprises 28 weeks minimum training requiring 30 hours tutored visits to various challenging locations, 60 hours environmental training, successful completion of AKC CGC, CGC A and CGC U tests, and 3 theory quizzes comprising 25 questions each (taken on canvas) to graduate. 

After graduation new dogs will spend a minimum of tutored 10 hours accompanying existing Pawfection therapy dogs on various visits.

The cost of the course is $150 per month for 7 months.

Upon completion qualified therapy dogs will visit, senior living centers, Seminole state schools, private schools, Orlando city soccer, fire and Police departments, Childrens’ homes, UCF and many more locations.


The course visits are in multiple locations in and around Orlando and normally take place on a weekday evening and Sunday afternoon (you can choose which you wish to do) one Wednesday evening per module (the date of which you will be notified at the commencement of the course) will be at West Oaks Academy in Orlando for testing.


Successful dogs will be certified and insured by Pawfection Dog Training.

The standards are beyond that of any other therapy dog organization.

Pawfection therapy dog training is forging new standards of training and professionalism in an area where currently no regulation or unified standards exist.

We are sometimes asked “what national organization are you affiliated with?” …. the simple answer is that there ARE NO “National” governing bodies when it comes to service dogs, therapy dogs or emotional support dogs (which are basically pets with a doctor’s letter). There are organizations that offer “membership” and “affiliation” for a fee but these ARE NOT ruling bodies, simply private organizations pretending to be more important than they actually are (most are 501C 3’s for the tax breaks) More importantly our standards and requirements are higher than any other training company and so to pay a fee to an organization whose standards don’t come up to our own really makes no sense. Some Therapy dog companies even have the word “International” to sound even more important!

Simply put anyone can “train” a therapy dog, any company, group or individual can masquerade poorly trained dogs without insurance as “Therapy dogs” without fear of prosecution. At Pawfection, we are committed to change this to protect the people who need the support that well trained dogs can provide and to bring real quality and professionalism to a service that is much needed but in turn needs quality assurance.

A Therapy dog is a dog that is trained to provide comfort to others in need. It is entitled to go to places where pet dogs and emotional support dogs cannot, but this is by prior appointment and arrangement at organizations and centers where people benefit from the love and support that dogs can provide. A Therapy dog is a dog that you own and train for the benefit of others in need.

Just a few examples of organizations Pawfection Dog training dogs help regularly include;

Disney's "Make a wish" foundation

The united Methodist Children’s home, Enterprise

(Advanced training provided to the handlers by

Child Psychologists,Therapists and Doctors in dealing with

children with very specific needs)

The first Methodist Church, Oveido

Wayman assisted living center, Longwood

West Oaks Academy school, Orlando

Nova Southeastern university campus, Orlando

(Support for the Physicians assistants finals exams)

Seminole County Fire service (Traumatic events)

Winter Park high school

Orlando City Soccer club

UCF Nursing college

UCF Forensic science college

Florida Regional Hospitals

Orange County Sheriffs Office communications and control center

Orange County Academy

Regents of Winter Park elderly care center


Because of the incredible Pawfection therapy training program and the amazing job our dogs are doing the word is out and DEMAND FOR OUR DOGS IS OUTSTRIPPING SUPPLY! We are being asked by the most high profile organizations to provide dogs to help those in need and this is therefore a great time to get on board and join the Pawfection family!

So what does it take to be the proud handler and owner of a Pawfection therapy dog?

The course is 7 months minimum in duration and comprises

3 written examinations for the handler on canine anatomy and physiology, canine behavior, canine first aid & dog law pertaining to service, therapy and emotional support dogs.

4 practical tests for the dog and handler covering obedience, control, temperament, and behavior in challenging situations plus a final comprehensive public access test

Over 170 training hours minimum requirement personal, group and supervised

A cheerful disposition

A “Can do” attitude

A desire to help your community



Empathy and a desire to help others in need.


Compare these standards with many other “Therapy dog” organizations where simple payment of a fee makes your dog an instant therapy dog with a badge and vest (but sadly no real training or liability insurance!) or some companies providing bare minimum training but claiming to be National or even International organizations where the dogs have to wear gentle leaders because a lack of obedience and control!


Every Pawfection handler is Police checked to the highest level with additional national checks for those working with children and dogs are fully and comprehensively insured.

Pawfection dogs are regularly and randomly re-assessed and annually re-licensed and handlers are required to perform a set number of visiting hours per year to qualify for their re-license.

Pawfection Therapy dog training is charged at $150 every month until certification with no cost thereafter.


If you would like your furry smile maker to be a Therapy dog sign up now and you will literally have the gift that keeps on giving!!

If you would like Pawfection therapy dogs to visit your organization, group or center please call us on 407 456 1066 and we will be happy to provide you the most highly trained dog and handler teams in the world absolutely free of charge!


Also available :- Carts and cart pullers

:- Search dogs (Firearms) for demonstrations or live searches


All recovered on a 50 acre school site comprising school building, gymnasium,

church and playing fields in 35 minutes during a live training exercise.

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