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On Monday October 1st 2018 Seminole County enacted an ordinance to deal with the problem of aggressive dogs.

The ordinance will not be executed into full effect until around October 11th as there are some kinks to be ironed out.

The Ordinance (the 48 page draft of which can currently be found in the internet) is intended to fill the gap between a nuisance dog and a “Dangerous dog”

Also called Reese’s law after a small dog killed by two unleashed dogs in Casselberry the ordinance has significant implications for dog owners.

See below a simple to read summary of the ordinance as of today (changes will be made when the ordinance is finalized)

One noteable point is that the ordinance does not currently apply to a dog that attacks another dog or person causing moderate injury while it is on a leash 8 feet in length or less, this may change.

It is also unclear whether chasing a person or domestic animal is or is not covered and “menacing fashion” is not defined.

In Seminole County’s FAQ flyer under the question “Will I get a citation if my dog barks outside?” the answer is given as “no” – actually the answer should be “Yes, if it continues for more than 15 minutes”

We will add frequently asked questions to this page as they come in. If you have a question please join our facebook group at Pawfection Dog Training members page.

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