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Pawfection Dog Training
407 456 1066

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Welcome to Pawfection Dog Training!
All your problems solved
from just $599
  with a lifetime support guarantee!
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In home behavior modification

(With a FREE lifetime guarantee!)

Group training 

obedience & agility combined!

Therapy & Service dog training

REAL training and qualification with verifiable training records and certification.

Search dog training

Train your dog the way Police and Military do to search for drugs & guns 

Certified therapy dogs available free of charge for good causes

We have over 100 teams attending over 60 locations (over 10,000 hours a year service to the community!)


Search dogs available free of charge to schools 

Helping to keep schools safe from drugs and guns

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At Pawfection we don't work like other dog trainers - 

We don't milk you for money with week after week charges that soon mount up into a fortune. For one low price we give you ALL the support you need for the duration of the guarantee you choose

We fix things fast without pain and punishment and nothing we do will make your dog afraid of you, you need to always be safety and reassurance. After the training you have us on speed dial with immediate help when you need it, if you need it. 

Nobody can do what we do, we fix the things that others can't and we do it for less of your hard-earned dollars!

At Pawfection you aren't just getting a well behaved dog, you are getting peace of mind ...

Group training is at the Shane Kelly Bark Park Oviedo 32765

Enter Shane Kelley park at Lockwood Blvd from N county Rd 426. We are situated behind the dog park.

The Winter Springs training resumes in October 2024

For updates on group training click below;


Darryl Payne, there’s a reason that he is ONLY dog trainer in Central Florida trusted to have a regular broadcast spot on TV and Radio!


Remember you can hear Darryl on I heart Radio's "The Jim Colbert show" fm 104.1 or via the i heart radio website or app on the 4th Wednesday of every month. This is a live phone in for dog problems and advice.


All Jim colbert show "animal house" segments can be accessed via the link below


The difference between “Ordinary” and “Extraordinary” is the “extra” …

Extra care, Extra value, Extra experience,


– Welcome to Pawfection Dog Training where we specialize in EXTRAORDINARY!

… (All without the “Extra” expense!)


Just $599 for up to 3 adult dogs to fix your problems with a free guarantee of support for the lifetime of your dog(s)!

Puppies (under 8 months) $699 to include 2 in home visits, a session at our  puppy group training AND a free guarantee of support for the LIFETIME of your Puppy! 


Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog you have help and support for the lifetime of your dog and peace of mind for NO FURTHER CHARGE! If we cant get you back on track with immediate advice we come back free of charge - no other trainers will offer you that.

Has another trainer failed you? or told you your problems can’t be fixed?

Well ignore them, we fix what other “trainers” can’t and we do it faster, less expensively, more professionally and without pain or punishment.

Name ANY other local trainer – and we have rehabilitated a dog they couldn’t!

Have a look at this short video as a taster of who we are and what we do

(remember we also specialize in behavioral training in your home)

Unlike most dog training companies out there, we are properly qualified, highly experienced and have a variety of methods all of which work on  NO PAIN, NO PUNISHMENT, NON PHYSICAL distraction based correction and appropriately timed praise and reward.

We pick the right method to suit your dog (not “one method” you get from a sub-standard franchise or a manufactured TV “trainer”) and it is not all about treats and bribes.

Please don’t waste your money on “board and train”

a) It is way too expensive,

b) Your dog should NEVER be trained out of your sight as you don’t know what is being done

c) Your dog will not act the same way as it does in its own environment


d) Once back with you the dog will regress.

Darryl Payne is arguably the most experienced dog trainer in the Country

trusted by and featured on more TV and Radio shows than any other trainer, he brings experience, knowledge and knowledge right to your living room at a very affordable price!

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click below for the "news Junkie interview" with Shawn Wasson from I heart radio 104.1

How Smart Is Your Dog?How Smart Is Your Dog?WWHow Smart Is Your Dog?

February 10, 2020 • 66 min


"Darryl Payne is one of the most experienced dog trainers in the United States.

He’s changed lives for dogs and owners alike because he knows a great deal about these great animals who have certainly earned the title Man’s Best Friend.

But what do dogs see? What do they do when you’re at work? Do they remember

things? Do they understand time? We’ll answer all these questions and more as

we find out just how smart dogs are on The News Junkie: Interviews"


To hear Darryl on the News Junkie interviews Feb 10th 2020 click the link below


Darryl has worked in partnership with I heart Radio’s Real Radio 104.1 for over 9 years, firstly on the Philips Phile with the radio legend Jim Philips


and then when Jim retired in 2018 he moved to the Jim Colbert Show


Offering live dog training advice on the air Darryl on the 4th Wednesday

of every month at 4pm Darryl has won the trust of the millions of listeners across the country and become part of the I heart media family. Podcasts of his appearances can be heard by clicking the links above.

It was suggested at one point that Darryl paid to be a part of the shows ….

please listen below to what Real Radio 104.1 has to say about that!

00:00 / 01:04

 TV celebrity dog trainer keeps his feet on the ground and prices affordable for all!

We, at Pawfection Dog training, are delighted and proud to have been chosen

for the Angie’s list super service award 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023

(That’s a lot of happy people!)

This is the highest honor awarded to Angie’s List businesses in recognition of excellent service and ranks our business in the top 5% in the USA. We are also proud to have been voted best in Lake Mary 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 & 2023!

and the very best in Orlando – put simply, and without wishing to sound boastful there just isn’t anyone more qualified and experienced to train your dog in the entire Country.

We are also proud to be in partnership with the Cities of Winter Springs and Oviedo  offering group training with fun agility

Darryl Payne is the consultant trainer, keynote speaker and TV celebrity for :-

The world’s best dog training and most experienced dog trainer in the USA is here in Florida just for you and your dog !!

All dogs, All ages, All problems

Pawfection is proud to be forcing other dog trainers to try to raise their game and lower their prices … when it comes to dog training .. you can’t get better than Pawfection!

IN HOME Behavioral Modification & IN HOME puppy "survival" training

Please see pricing page for incredible prices!

Nobody gives you better quality training or value for money! … And nobody can match our expertise and experience!

Pawfection Dog training is the corroboration of unparalleled working and pet dog training experience and knowledge.

Techniques used by Pawfection have been used to train over 300,000 dogs worldwide, more than 30,000 of them personally by Darryl Payne who has worked and trained a huge variety of both working and pet dogs on both sides of the Atlantic.


At Pawfection we know you have a choice and we pride ourselves on our honesty, quality and integrity, when you are making your choice of dog trainer It is very difficult to imagine anyone more qualified to fix your dog than Darryl Payne- he will fix all the dogs others have given up on – Have you been told to euthanize your dog by a trainer? Don’t know where to turn? Had a bad experience with another trainer?… Call Pawfection – we’ll fix it for you!


Darryl’s rates are affordable, not because he isn’t worth any more but because he cares about you and your dog and he cares about community. With his experience and expertise his market worth is over $750 per hour but times are hard and dog training shouldn’t be a luxury for the wealthy so we keep it affordable and reasonable – Pawfection dog training are here for you, we’re here to help and we’re here to stay.

In a career spanning 28 years with dogs Darryl is unrivaled in respect of his specialist knowledge and experience and is a regular on TV and radio here in the USA and in fact he is the ONLY trainer in Central Florida trusted with a regular monthly segment on a national radio station.

There are great pet dog trainers, “Celebrity dog trainers”, “dog trainers to celebrities”, behaviorists, Police dog trainers and handlers, bomb dog teams, and teachers out there but very few in the world who combine all of this together in one package as Darryl does.

Darryl has been privileged to have been trained by & associated with some of the very best the world has to offer; He now combines it all with 28 years personal experience training and handling over 30,000 dogs in one incredible package just for you!

Pawfection dog training is a refreshingly simple holistic approach to dog training that utilizes the application of effective leadership and timely non-physical correction together with praise to train your dog.

No harsh methods and no need for clickers and treats this is the very best training that money can buy from a trainer whose knowledge, experience, skill and expertise are unmatched.

Trained for Royalty … Darryl has been providing the best training in Florida for over 15 years!

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Pawfection Dog Training USA Members Page
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